Research Meetings

researchResearch Meetings

The Agouron Institute hosts scientific meetings to investigate specific areas of biology and chemistry that it may wish to consider for funding. These meetings are characterized as having scientific talks followed by extended open discussion sessions.

The goal of the Agouron Institute is to identify specific research projects that provided with short-term funding (usually 1-3 years) can make significant contributions to our understanding of the subject. We try to jump-start new fields or ideas that might otherwise not be funded by traditional sources. We hope our grants have a significant impact on the progress of scientific understanding in the areas we fund.

In addition to hosting meetings, we review and evaluate current technology and resource needs in fields of our interest. These reports can be found under Publications. At the end of these reports, we provide funding recommendations. To back our commitment to these recommendations, we issue grants in some of these areas. In addition, the institute occasionally funds exploratory field trips and field work. We hope to influence other funding agencies (federal and private) to follow our lead and provide additional research funding in these areas.