Geobiology Meeting 1OTHER GRANTS

Alfred G. Gilman (U Texas Southwestern Medical Ctr)

Alliance for Cellular Signaling, 2001-2002.

National Academy of Sciences

Frontiers in Science Program, 2001-2005.

Department of Chemistry (UC San Diego)

Agouron Kamen/Kaplan Fellowship for a 1st yr graduate student, 2003-2012.

2003 John Burke
2004 David D. Minh
2005 Matthew J. Buller
2006 Jennifer Crisp
2007 Paul Gasper
2008 Marissa Aubrey
2009 Harry Pratt
2010 Joseph Kaus
2011 Lindsay Handley
2012 Michael Denny

Marc Beutel (Washington State U)

Graduate Student Fellowship in Microbial Ecology, 2009-2012.

Melvin Simon (UC San Diego)

The Role of MicroRNA in Microglial Activation, 2010.

Walter Rossmanith (Medical U Vienna)

Mitochondrial tRNA Maturation and Alzheimer’s Disease: Are they linked via HSD17B10-mediated amyloid-ß toxicity? 2010.

Emily Drabant (23andMe)

APP Cohort Expansion, 2013.

Richard Mayeux (Columbia U)

Whole Genome Sequencing of Unaffected Individuals Homozygous for APOE*4 in Families Multiply Affected by Alzheimer’s Disease, 2013.

Richard Mayeux (Columbia U)

Next-Generation Sequencing in Healthy High-Risk APOE*4 Homozygous Carriers in Caribbean Hispanic Families, 2016.

Selkirk Conservation Alliance

Research and operational support, 2018-2021.

Jan Boll and Kent Keller (Washington State University)

Characterizing phosphorus contributions to Kalispell Bay, Priest Lake, Idaho, 2018-2019.

Theodore Friedmann and Alysson Muotri (UC San Diego)

Human Induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) Cell-derived Organoid Studies of Brain Development in Lesch Nyhan Disease, 2019.

Molly Przeworski (Columbia U)

Precision medicine for corals: predicting bleaching response from genomes, 2020-2021.


The Agouron Institute also issues Small-Grants-In-Aid (SGIA) primarily for partial support of scientific research meetings in research areas of our interest.