The Agouron Institute partnered with existing fellowship programs to support exceptional young scientists pursuing studies in structural biology with a particular interest in cryo-electron microscopy and those studying supramolecular assemblies, and membrane protein structure and function. Most fellowships were for three years of support. Below we list the names of our past fellows and the fiscal year we began supporting them. This fellowship program has been completed.

The Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Fund for Medical Research

1999 Ya Ha (Harvard U)
2000 Manfred Auer (NYU)
Olga Sokolova (Brandeis U)
2001 Qing Fan (Columbia U)
Andrew Leschziner (UC Berkeley)
2002 Melanie Ohi (Harvard U)
Joshua Warren (Duke U)
2003 Andrew Carter (UC San Francisco)
Eric Galburt (UC Berkeley)
2005 Meindert Lamers (UC Berkeley)
Rachel Mitton-Fry (Yale U)
2006 Oded Lewinson (Caltech)
Paul Spiegel (UC Santa Cruz)

Paul Sigler/Agouron Institute Fellows of the Helen Hay Whitney Foundation

2000 Melissa Jurica (Brandeis U)
2001 Ben Spiller (Harvard U)
Luke Rice (UC San Francisco)
2002 Ming Lei (U Colorado)
Kevin Slep (UC San Francisco)
2003 Annette Salmeen (Stanford U)
2005 Lan Zhang (Harvard U)
Christina Bradley (NIH)
2006 Khaloud Jaqaman (The Scripps Research Institute)
Charu Chaudry (Rockefeller U)
2007 George Shubeita (UC Irvine)
Christopher Carroll (Stanford U)
Matthew Call (Harvard U)

Life Sciences Research Foundation

2018 Christopher Brown (UC Berkeley)
2023 Andreas Mueller (Rockefeller U)